Cruisers are liked best when they are massive. The massive cruisers reflect comfort and luxury. And if you are wondering what are the massive motorbikes of all time, then let us take a look at the list below.

Yamaha XV1900

Yamaha XV1900 is known as the Stratoliner globally and the Midnight Star in the United Kingdom. It is spot on and definitely lives up to its name. The massive Japanese customs have made it top the list of the massive motorbikes of all time.

Victory Magnum
Magnum is the boldest and massive production of Victory ever to hit the road. There is absolutely no lie in it. Magnum has the massive quality styling and enough practicality with proper quality reassurance. Magnum’s style and quality does not comprise its ride and thus it has made the list.

Moto Guzzi Eldorado
The American influence is easily visible on the Eldorado with its Whitehall 16 inches tyers to the big fenders. It cannot be ignored due to its attitude. It gives a smooth and comfortable ride that comes with features like rider modes and Brembo ABS. Cheaper than Harley-Davidson this massive monster definitely makes the list.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Harley-Davidson Street Guide is a massive motorbike that bridges the gap between a custom made street bike and a cruiser. Although it might lack the mean look of a Harley-Davidson, but it gives you the right vibes with a cruising speed of 80 mph. it might not be fast due to its air-cooled Harley engines, but it is surely a massive motorbike to look out for.

Indian Chief
The Indian Chief is very impressive if we talk about massive motorbikes. The Indian Chief has a really good engine that provides smooth torque and has got strong ground hold. Undoubtedly, the Indian Chief should fall in the list of the massive motorbikes of all time.

Kawasaki VN2000
Having a relaxed mindset is what any rider would want while cruising. Kawasaki Vulcan VN2000 gives you that ease of mind. It fulfills all the criteria of being a massive motorbike – it has the right amount of black, a massive 200 section rear tyer, and a gigantic wild beast of an engine.

Honda F6B
Honda F6B is the lighter version of Goldwing with some attitude added to it. You can have almost over 40 degrees of lean. F6B is definitely narrower than a pannier adventure bike. It is the fitter, leaner, and meaner version of Goldwing.

Yamaha VMax

The V-Max is just like a mixture of 1679cc and almost 200 horsepower which is like one part sports bike and the other part is just a cruiser. The entire package is thrilling. Yamaha VMax builds speed in an instant. The word torque is redefined at its best by VMax. Ride along just at 30 mph in second gear and it will produce the kind of acceleration that you can feel in your chest. Cruising it is just an epic experience.

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